Lorelei Lee In ‘Cosmo’: Adult Video Star Explains Opposition To Condom Use While Filming

Lorelei Lee is not the stereotypical adult video actress. Despite her appearances in dozens, maybe hundreds, of videos including More Dirty Debutantes, Foot Worship, and Hardcore Training 6 — to name just a few of her more printable titles — Lee says she has an MFA degree from New York University in writing, and is working on her memoir.

So perhaps it should not be surprising that Lorelei Lee, who declines to release her given name due to safety concerns, makes an appearance in the new online edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine, explaining in an article why she opposes legislation that would mandate use of condoms by adult video performers while filming explicit scenes.

In the article, written in the “as told to” format by freelance journalist Cheryl Wischhover, the 34-year-old Lee — who says that she shot her first adult video at the age of 19 — says that the adult industry adheres to strict safety standards that make the use of condoms to protect against the spread of sexually transmitted diseases among performers unnecessary.

Lee says that adult industry performers voluntarily submit to an extensive panel of blood tests on a regular basis, at a cost of $150 each. The tests, she says, are much more strict and thorough than the HIV and STD tests that individuals not in the adult video industry would normally access.

“We have a system that works. A condom is much cheaper than a testing protocol and easier to use,” Lee says in the article.

“But the other problem is that condoms are not actually made for being used in adult films. The way we interact with each other on set is different from how people interact in their bedrooms. It takes two hours to shoot a scene. Condoms break, condoms cause chafing. Under those conditions, that can create an abrasion that can increase your risk of STI transmission. A condom is not an ideal tool for the work that we’re doing.”

Lee was previously involved in a court case for obscenity involving a video in which she appeared, entitled Milk Nymphos. The film depicts Lee and another adult industry actress receiving enemas with, as the title implies, milk, as well as engaging in anal sex.

The federal obscenity case against Milk Nymphos was eventually dismissed, but Lee told Salon at the time that she had been prepared to testify, and was actually sequestered during the trial in Washington D.C.

Lorelei Lee said that, had she testified, she would have described for jurors “the health and safety precautions taken — mandatory 28-day STD testing, the extensive hygiene process before an anal or on-camera enema scene,” in an adult video shoot.

[Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]