‘Sausage’ Song, Videos And Rap Lyrics: The #SausageMovement That Got Kids In Trouble

Well, you learn something new every day, and that lesson included learning about the “Sausage Song,” a social media spread song that has birthed a #SausageMovement, a short rap song that features people creating their own beats by clapping their hands, pounding on desks and/or stomping their feet. Unfortunately, some younger people who find themselves creating their own versions of the song and filming the video inside their schools are discovering administrators who are unhappy with them doing so, as seen in certain viral videos that feature a teacher screaming for the sausage singers to “Shut up!” Reports of a school expulsion, along with positions lost in various clubs or activities have been reported in the wake of sausage videos going viral.

Warning: NSFW language appears throughout most of the videos related to the “Sausage” rap song lyrics, along with some twerking or hilarious falling throughout certain sausage-related videos.