Rachel Lynn Lehnardt: ‘Naked Twister Party’ With Pot And Booze Lands Georgia Mom In Hot Water

Rachel Lynn Lehnardt, an Evans, Georgia mother of five, has been accused of hosting a party with her 16-year-old daughter where minors were allegedly given marijuana and alcohol. During the party, Lehnardt reportedly also played a naked game of Twister with the teens and had sex with an 18-year-old male in her bathroom. The group of teens along with Lehnardt got into her hot tub naked to continue partying. She’s said to have also had sex with her daughter’s 16-year-old boyfriend later that night.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Rachel Lehnardt confessed about hosting the party to her Alcoholic Anonymous sponsor. The sponsor alerted authorities after Lehnardt told her about the party. The 35-year-old mom was arrested Saturday night and charged with two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Lehnardt won’t be charged with any sex crimes because 16 is the legal age of consent in Georgia.

The Huffington Post reports Rachel Lehnardt has lost custody of her children, who are ages four, six, eight, 10, and 16. The younger four children are said to have been at their father’s house while the party was going on.

Rachel Lehnardt is a former Mormon Sunday school teacher. According to the police report, Lehnardt and her AA sponsor attend the same church. The sponsor told authorities she was recently “appointed to be a sponsor for Ms. Lehnardt who was new to her group” and that Lehnardt has “stated in the [AA] group that she is a sexual deviant and addicted to pornography.” The sponsor also disclosed that Lehnardt told her she has shown her teen daughter pornographic photos, including photos of her and her boyfriend having sex.

Lehnardt’s arrest was partially based on the information given by the AA sponsor according to Sheriff’s Capt. Steve Morris.

The public’s reaction has been mixed. The commentators on various articles detailing Rachel Lehnardt’s party are supportive of Lehnardt while others want her to receive the maximum penalty. Still others made jokes about wanting to party at her house. A few people questioned why an AA sponsor would turn Lehnardt in if the group is supposed to be anonymous while others believe the sponsor did the right thing.

One commentator wrote the following questioning the motive behind Lehnardt’s sponsor turning her in.

“A sponser told police this? Wow way to encour age a newly sober person of 4 days to open uo and face her problems. Totally against AA, she said her kids had already been taken away and shes trying to get sober. I agree she clearly needs the help…for real thats some crazy stuff. But i want to slap that sponser. [sic]”

According to the Augusta News-Times, Rachel Lynn Lehnardt posted a $3,200 bond and was released from the Columbia County Detention Center.

[Image courtesy of WPTV.com]