11-Year-Old Amber Hewitt To Kidnapper She Fought Off: ‘If You Come Again, That’s Pretty Stupid’

Amber Hewitt isn’t like a lot of 11-year-old girls. For one, she does tae kwon do and is actually quite good at it — something her attempted kidnapper found out when he hooked an arm around her throat and tried forcing her into the car.

After screaming for help and unleashing a wild flurry of kicks and punches, Hewitt was able to get away from the man.

The attempted kidnapping occurred on April 13 in the small community of Watauga, Texas, and it definitely has law enforcement officials concerned, since they believe it’s the second such attempt by the same man in recent weeks.

(Both have proven unsuccessful.)

Amber Hewitt didn’t get out of the scuffle unscathed. As the man was trying to get her into the car, she hit her mouth on the vehicle and chipped a tooth. The shove also caused a cut on the inside of her lip, CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reports.

But when Hewitt spoke to the media the day after the attack, you couldn’t have told that the kid was even fazed by it. In fact, she had a pretty condescending message for her attacker.

“You didn’t get an easy pick, because I got away pretty easy and if he comes again that’s pretty stupid,” she said.

Amber’s little brother, Michael Chandlers, added that if you mess with his family, “you’ll be in a body cast.”

You have to love the spirit of these kids, Amber especially. Very few children would be comfortable talking to the media about what happened, let alone doing it without their faces blacked out, voices modulated, and real name showing.

But Amber isn’t scared.

Even so, her mother, Sylvia Chandlers, realizes just how lucky her daughter was to make it out of the situation alive.

“If her face hit that car any harder, it would have knocked her out and she wouldn’t be standing here,” she told the site, but did admit that Amber is “a brave one.”

Watauga Police have a photo of the car that you can see at the link above.

This isn’t the first (thankfully) foiled kidnapping attempt that the Inquisitr has reported on today. Earlier, there was the story of Annie Walker, a Newark crossing guard, who managed to save a 12-year-old from being abducted. She, too, confronted the attempted kidnapper.

Both men remain at large.

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