Kyle Richards’ Daughter’s Dog Attack Details: Alexia Umansky Missed A Year Of College For ‘Intense’ Recovery, May Have To Re-Apply

Kyle Richards’ daughter’s dog attack injuries were reportedly much more serious than previously revealed. In a new report, a source claimed Alexia Umansky was forced to spend time away from college following her aunt’s dog’s vicious attack.

“Kim is being a hypocrite,” a source told Radar Online on April 15. “If it were one of her kids, she’d be p**sed.”

On last night’s season 5 reunion of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim and Kyle Richards went head-to-head over the dog’s attack. While Kim insisted Umansky suffered nothing more than a little bite on her finger, Kyle felt she deserved an apology — at least — for the dog’s behavior. However, instead of giving her sister and niece the apology they deserved, Kim went on to blame Umansky for provoking the dog to attack her.

In addition to Kyle’s daughter missing school, she was also forced to move back home to Los Angeles to heal.

“She is missing an entire year of college because of it now, and she may have to reapply and go somewhere else — it was BAD. It was really serious, and a few millimeters deeper, she would have lost a finger or need amputation. Alexia had to get physical therapy and reconstructive surgery. This changed the whole course of her education and really her life … [she] may still need future treatment.”

According to the source, Kyle Richards’ daughter’s recovery has been an “intense long road,” and may be far from over. Luckily, Kyle Richards has provided the child with the top plastic surgeons available.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kim Richards has refused to take any responsibility for her dog’s attack on Umansky, and claims it was her niece’s fault the dog bit her.

On April 14, a source revealed the following to Radar Online:

“Kim says Alexia’s sudden movement towards the pit bull, Kingsley, caused the dog to be startled and bite the teenager. Kim accepts absolutely no responsibility for the dog biting incident, which makes [Kyle Richards] absolutely nuts.”

Kyle Richards’ sister, Kim, is currently facing a lawsuit brought against her by her former friend, the elderly Kay Rozario, who also claimed to have been attacked by the dog in 2014.

Despite her dog’s multiple attacks, Kim has failed to do much of anything to correct her problem. In fact, the dog is currently back living with her at her Beverly Hills home.

Kyle Richards has yet to blog about the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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