President Obama Is ‘Enemy Within,’ Congressman Says: Right Or Wrong?

Obama, the enemy within?

Yes, according to Texas Republican Rep. Louis Gohmert. Why the harsh words? Gohmert claims that the President has betrayed ally Israel “by showing their enemies their nuclear program.”

“You don’t show your enemies all your defenses. You don’t do it. What we have done as an ally of Israel is betray them by showing their enemies their nuclear program,” Gohmert said.

The comments came on an episode of Ohio Christian University’s “Faith & Liberty” radio show last week.

In the tirade, Gohmert was particularly appalled that President Obama had nixed Israel’s plans to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities.

“But those are the kind of things that an enemy does … An enemy within. There will be consequences for the betrayals of this administration. As the leaders of our country, and it is just a little scary the kind of betrayals there have been.”

According to the Atlantic, the President’s “betrayal” comes from all but confirming to Iran what was essentially one of the “worst-kept secrets” in the world — that Israel has nukes.

The President’s administration, through the Department of Defense, revealed the top-secret 1987 report. However, in 2014, the National Security Archive (NSA) acknowledged that there had been references to Israel’s bombs “declassified officially through regular channels” prior to the administration’s move.

(Of course, that wouldn’t appease people like Gohmert, since they also point to the fact that President Obama has a great deal of control over the NSA as well, and the date NSA operatives were referencing falls firmly in the tenure of Obama’s presidency.)

It’s not unusual to see Gohmert, a conservative Christian, take this “Obama is the enemy within” stance public.

Gohmert and the decidedly anti-Obama Texas have found the President’s actions to be antagonistic towards Israel, one of the U.S.’s closest allies. And since Christianity has roots in Judaism, the slight takes on a personal one for the Religious Right.

Rep. Louis Gohmert has criticized many causes close to the President in the past, most recently his stance against the LGBT community for what he called its “persecution” of conservative Christians throughout the U.S.

“Now Christians are the only people that it is politically correct to persecute, and we’ve got to turn that around or we’re not going to see the blessings that America has experienced in the past,” Gohmert said of some of the court cases in which Christians were not allowed to refuse service for participation in same-sex weddings through their businesses.

“It is extremely unfortunate that Christians all over the country now are being persecuted for believing” the way they do, Gohmert added.

On the Obama enemy within remarks, do you think Gohmert owes the President an apology or is he right? Sound off in the comments section.