Man Uses Shoe Camera to Spy on Naked Women

A Florida man is serving jail time for using a tiny shoe camera to photograph nude women in a surf shop’s dressing room. Jeffery Philip Polizzi, 24, pleaded no contest to video voyeurism.

Shoe Camera Spying

Investigators say Polizzi attached a small camera to the tongue of his shoe, then went into the Aqua East surf shop in Neptune Beach, Florida (near Jacksonville). Polizzi apparently cut a two-inch hole into his shoe, then pointed the lens up through it. Officers say he stood next to the dressing room and put his shoe under the door as women tried on swimsuits.

Three women noticed the unusual shoe and reported it to authorities. One said she was in the dressing room and fully nude when she saw the shoe poke under the door.

Shoe Camera Arrest

According to local media reports, Polizzi fled from the store when he was confronted. An officer waited until Polizzi returned to his car, and — following a short chase — took Polizzi into custody. They say he still had the camera attached to his shoe.

Jeffery Polizzi was sentenced to four months in jail.