Chrisy Mack: Vicious Attack By War Machine Not Surprising And Mack Partly At Fault, Says Fellow Adult Star

Christy Mack is still recovering from a near-fatal beating at the hands of War Machine, and now a friend and fellow adult film star said she believes Mack’s beating was inevitable, given the MMA fighter’s short and vicious temper.

Mack, who police say was attacked last year in a beating that left her with extensive injuries, is opening up about her relationship with War Machine. The MMA fighter, who was born Jon Koppenhaver, exerted strict control over her life and often abused her, Mack said.

After falling in love quickly, the relationship took a violent turn, Christy Mack told ESPN. She said War Machine grew increasingly violent, even after she agreed to retire from adult films at his request.

Now, others are opening up about War Machine’s violent nature. Fellow adult film star Brooke Haven told the Daily Beast about War Machine “going ballistic” at an adult-themed party she threw in 2009.

She recalled the following.

“We were all at my birthday party and he was there with a girlfriend of his. He actually showed up to my birthday party early and was blowing up balloons and everything was fine, and the next thing I know he was doing some drugs. His girlfriend was talking to a friend of mine and War Machine walked up and slapped her. And then it all escalated from there. Some guys at the party went over and said, “Hey, man, don’t do that,” and he just lost it. I was in front of him trying to talk him out of it but he was just looking at me with a blank stare on his face. It was like I was talking to a wall. It was almost, to me, like he just blacked out. It was like he didn’t even know what he was doing and went on a rampage.”

Haven said War Machine did not strike her, but did turn his rage against other male guests, seemingly at random.

When she heard about the alleged attack on Christy Mack, Haven admitted that she wasn’t surprised and even placed some blame on Mack for staying in the volatile relationship.

“I knew it was going to happen. It’s not the first time that he’s beaten her up and she’s stayed. She chose to stay. It’s never right for any man to lay a hand on a woman, but I thought it was going to happen and it did happen. […] I’ve known the other times he’s beaten her up. There was a time in November, a time in February—and she stayed. And it wasn’t the first time he beat her up but this was the first time it escalated to this and became this bad. She didn’t end up in the hospital before. And she chose to stay with him. You just figure with somebody with that reputation who can snap like that, it was bound to happen.”

While Christy Mack continues to recover, War Machine remains in jail and has plead not guilty to 36 charges, including attempted murder and sexual assault. He could receive life without parole if convicted.

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