Mario Draghi's Protester, Josephine Witt Of Femen, Uses Glitter Bomb To Attack European Central Bank [Video]

When the European Central Bank President was giving a press conference, Mario Draghi's protester sprang out of nowhere and proceeded to glitter bomb the ECB President while everything was being recorded on video. But why would anyone do such a thing?

In a related report by the Inquisitr, if the glitter bomb is not enough for your enemies, then send them a big bag full of gummy... well, you will just have to click to see.

"ECB takes on the billion-euro debts of weak EU states," wrote Bild, a German magazine. "What will happen now with my money?"

That is probably exactly what was on the mind of Mario Draghi's protester. The German-sounding woman, known only as "LotsaDebt," jumped onto the ECB head's desk and showered him with papers, launched a glitter bomb, and then shouted, "End the ECB dictatorship!" For those who did not hear her message, her T-shirt said it loud and clear since it also said, "End ECB D**k-tatorship."

Europe's unemployment rate still hovers around 11 percent, but just like in the United States, the hardest hit demographic seems to be younger people like the female protester. Germany's economy has stayed relatively strong during these hard times, but many Germans do not like how their country is expected to prop up the economies of weaker nations within the Eurozone.

Draghi believes the European Central Bank's actions, including a $1.3 trillion stimulus program, have helped the European recovery, but he admits there is still room for improvement.

"Financial market conditions and the cost of external finance for the private sector have eased considerably over the past months and borrowing conditions for firms and households have improved notably, with a pick-up in the demand for credit," Draghi said at the press conference, once his protester was safely out of the way. "The euro area economy has gained further momentum since the end of 2014. Looking ahead, we expect the economic recovery to broaden and strengthen gradually."

But how did Mario Draghi's protester manage to get through the doors in the first place?

"Initial findings suggest that the activist registered as journalist for a news organization she does not represent," the ECB said in a statement. "Like all visitors to the ECB, she went through an identity check, metal detector and x-ray of her bag, before entering the building."

It turns out the protester is named 21-year-old Josephine Witt, who was formerly associated with radical feminist group Femen. She managed to sneak in by claiming to be part of Vice Media, which is known to hire young reporters. The papers she threw at Mr. Draghi included a letter, where she proclaimed her attentions with the glitter bomb attack.

"I do not expect this illegitimate institution to hear my voice, neither to understand my message," she said, according to the Telegraph. "Today I'm just a butterfly sending you a sentence, but be afraid more are coming.... [Draghi] never got a mandate, never got voted for or elected. He imposes policies on these societies that are completely undemocratic."

What do you think about Marcio Draghi's protester? Do you agree with the current financial plan by the European Central Bank?

[Image via CNN]