‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Hires Giacomo Gianniotti For Recurring Role

According to TVLine, Grey’s Anatomy has hired a new man over at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

It’s not yet known what his role will be but the CW’s Giacomo Gianniotti is checking in to Grey’s Anatomy. TVLine guesses that Giacomo Gianniotti will play an intern, and we can definitely see that working. He’s youthful enough to pull off an intern look.

The question we’re asking is if Gianniotti will fill a void as a love interest for one of Seattle’s doctors? These days there’s a lot of single doctors, and as we know, once a new character is introduced it doesn’t take long before they’re romantically linked up to someone in the hospital.

The fact that Gianniotti is going to be a recurring role leads us to believe that he’s going to be a love interest. Now the question is who? The character, whoever that might be in the Grey’s Anatomy world, will have plenty of doctors to pick from.

First up there’s Amelia Shepherd — she recently broke things off with Owen, after she convinced herself that he had chosen her professional opinion over Callie’s due to the personal nature of their relationship. Instead of pursuing a relationship with him, she decided not to mix business with pleasure. While Amelia might be the last person to be looking for love in the hospital, perhaps this new character will be brought in to give her something fun and light?

Next up is Callie. She’s been trying to get involved in the dating scene ever since she decided that she needed to separate herself from her former wife Arizona. Since Callie is sexually fluid, she’s open to both men and women. Callie’s last foray into the dating scene ended up being a bit of a buzzkill. After hitting it off with a cop, it was revealed in the last episode that he was boring, and that she was still in search of someone with a little pizazz. Maybe Gianniotti’s character is just what the doctor ordered?

Finally, we have resident doctor, Stephanie Edwards, who hasn’t been looking for love. Seeing as she’s been focusing on her career more than her love life, it opens up the perfect opportunity to take the character by surprise with a new love interest. It’s been a while since she’s been in a relationship. Fans of the show know that her last relationship with Jackson Avery crashed and burned in a big bad way when he left her for April.

Tell us what you think of this new casting tidbit.

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