Ben Carson Shares Al Sharpton’s Goal For ‘A Brighter, Stronger America’

Ben Carson, the 2016 presidential campaign hopeful believes in everything former presidential candidate Al Sharpton hopes for America’s future. In a recent speech, the retired Detroit neurosurgeon expressed an appreciation for the work of Sharpton but a difference in opinion on how certain matters of civil rights should be handled.

“Sharpton and I have the same goal: to build a brighter, stronger America that provides equal opportunities and access to the underserved and forgotten. However, we have a fundamental difference of opinion regarding the best way to achieve such an end.”

Carson spoke to an audience at the National Action Network Convention, an annual gathering for, the civil rights organization which Al Sharpton runs. The organization was established in 1991 and since has dealt with a wide range of civil rights issues, most recently, Police Reform. Ben Carson also expresses that efforts by Sharpton’s NAN has paved the way for reform on many civil rights matters simply by starting the dialog.

“I voiced my opinion on several of these issues, while also promoting the idea that the choices we make in this world have the most to do with our outcomes. Personal responsibility and self-determination — not the household into which you are born, the police force in your neighborhood or the color of your skin — are the key contributing factors of your life.”

Ben Carson’s idea of “personal responsibility” is a common thought among people who have noticed a socio-economic divide in the United States. During his speech, Carson used his own life story as proof that “self-determination” can breach classism and other divides that exist in American society.

“My mother, who is the hero in my life, refused to embrace a victim mentality that many do in today’s world,” Carson added. “That is why I stress the importance of instilling in our children the mindset that they can accomplish anything if they do not think they are victims.”

Ben Carson recently published an article in the National Review, outlining the points made in his speech at the 2015 NAN Convention. In his article, Carson touches on the many issues within American society that he hopes to help change. As previously mentioned in his book, One Nation: What We Can All Do To Save America’s Future, Carson’s article was about the war on poverty, education reform and most heartily, the perils of being Black in America.

Over the past months, Carson has been hesitant to enter the 2016 presidential race for fear that he would run out of campaign funding. Recently, it has be announced that Ben Carson will make a formal announcement on May 4 in Detroit.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]