Newark Crossing Guard Annie Walker A Hero After Foiling Possible Child Abduction

Newark crossing guard Annie Walker didn’t intend to be called a hero when she showed up to do her job near Louise A. Spencer Elementary School on Tuesday, but that’s what ended up happening.

That’s because a 12-year-old girl, who was being stalked by a “dark-skinned man,” found safety in Annie after the man allegedly followed her for six blocks and then tried to snatch her.

According to a report from CBS New York, the man made an attempt on the little girl after following her for days. But when he ran in to Annie Walker, he wasn’t quite so brazen.

Walker sent the little girl inside the school to contact school security. She then confronted the man, who said that he wasn’t trying to abduct the child.

“I talked to him. He said: ‘I didn’t do it. I didn’t do it,'” Walker told the news site. “I said: ‘Yes, you did, because she’s all upset. She’s not lying.'”

The man then fled on foot and remains at large. However, many, including the girl’s parents are saying that’s better than what could have happened had Annie Walker not been there doing her job.

“I told her thank you,” the little girl’s mom said of Walker. “I told her thank you so much, because I could’ve got a different phone call. You know, it could’ve went any way if she wasn’t there to help.”

For Walker, her actions weren’t as remarkable, with the crossing guard noting that it’s in her job description, “keeping kids safe.”

“I’m very glad that I was there to help the little girl,” she added.

The child approached Walker in a state of panic. She was “crying and nervous,” according to the news report.

The girl described the dark-skinned man as “in his 30s, wearing a gray jacket, jeans, and a blue hat.”

The police have not confirmed that they have any suspects at this time.

Fortunately, Annie Walker isn’t the only everyday hero that the Inquisitr has had the pleasure of reporting on recently.

Last week, there was this story of two brothers in South Carolina who were simply taking out the trash when they noticed that a newborn baby was laying inside the container, wrapped in a plastic bag with the umbilical cord still around her neck.

Miraculously, the teens, 19 and 13, were able to save the child’s life. The birth mother eventually turned herself in to police.

Do you think there should be special recognition by a community for people like Annie Walker? What should be done to the man should police bring him into custody? Sound off in the comments section.