What Makes Willie Robertson Cry? ‘Duck Dynasty’ Musical ‘Duck Commander’ Reminds Phil’s Son Of ‘Tough Times’

So, now we know what makes Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson cry. Phil Robertson’s son says he cried during the performance of a Duck Commander musical since it reminded him of all the “tough times” of the past. But is Willie Robertson’s net worth high enough to make many a critic shed a tear?

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Jana Duggar has been hanging out with Sadie Robertson, and some think this may lead to a Duck Dynasty and 19 Kids And Counting crossover.

The Duck Dynasty family happened to be attending the new Las Vegas show Duck Commander when Fox reporters happened to see Willie Robertson cry. When asked why the musical was bringing tears to his eyes, Willie said the show reminded him of how hard it was years ago when they were building Duck Commander from the ground up.

“It’s emotional at times,” Willie said. “I was crying watching it because you just think about if something were to happen differently, then none of this would have happened.”

The Duck Commander apparently also gives insight into what it feels like to receive so much scrutiny for everything they say or do based upon the popularity of the reality TV show.

“The media scrutiny and all this thing we went through, all that’s played out in the musical,” Willie added. “Some of the characters, man, they’ve got us down. Not just the way they talk but all their mannerisms, they’ve really done their job on getting us as lifelike as possible.”

Ben Thompson, who plays Willie Robertson, admits that he does not have long hair or a beard, but once he is in costume he’s suddenly Willie in the flesh.

Director Jeff Calhoun said he took on the Duck Commander musical precisely because it shows a rags to riches story.

“They really are living the American dream—and yes that’s true for a lot of people but I’m not sure it’s true for entire families by sticking together,” Calhoun said.

Fortunately, the riches in this case would happen to make anyone, not just Willie Robertson, cry. As the CEO of the family’s Duck Commander duck call business, Willie’s net worth is over $20 million in 2015, making him richer than some of the world’s smartest men, including Stephen Hawking. So, although Willie still maintains the simple country look from all external appearances, in reality, his family really did work hard to reach the level they are currently enjoying.

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