Will Joe Biden Run Against Hillary Clinton? The Vice President Says, 'I Haven't Made Up My Mind'

More and more politicians are making announcements to run in the 2016 election. However, Vice President Joe Biden, 72, said he hasn't made up his mind yet if he will run against former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, according to Fox News. So far, Clinton, 67, is the only Democrat who has made an announcement, and she has already begun campaigning.

During a roundtable discussion with reporters at the White House a day after Clinton made her announcement, Biden indicated he has plenty of time to make up his mind. Even so, the vice president said, "If I am wrong, I'm dead wrong, but there's a lot the president and I care about that has to get done in the next two, three months and when you run for president you've got to run for president — and I'm not ready to do that — if I am ever going to be ready to do that."

In other words, Biden is setting the record straight that he is focusing on his current job of being vice president right now instead of concentrating on campaigning for another position. Even though people are wondering what Biden will do, he might not make a decision until the end of the summer.

Slate reports that the vice president doesn't stand a chance of winning if he runs. He lacks party support because most Democrats have all pledged their loyalty to Clinton. But for the sake of the Democratic Party, he should run. A Biden campaign could force Clinton to sharpen her skills and be at the top of her game to fight against the Republican Party. Even Clinton's supporters think this is necessary. So, for the sake of the party, they want Biden to run, citing it would be a risky move for a single candidate to go into the 2016 election.

Biden's supporters want him to run. They set up a "Draft Biden" website. More than 20,000 signatures have been collected on a petition for Biden to run in 2016, the Guardian reports. Biden has the right resumé to run. He has the experience of being in the White House for eight years as vice president. Therefore, he is already familiar with the day-to-day operations, and as a seasoned veteran around Washington, he knows about what happens on Capitol Hill. Joe Biden has been in politics for 46 years, including spending four decades in the Senate and serving as the chairman of the foreign relations committee.

Does Biden want to run for president? Last January, Biden expressed an interest in entering the race. In February, when Biden visited New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Iowa, he met with local Democrats and party officials. Could that be an indication he is seeking advice about running?

So, will Joe Biden run for president? Time will tell.

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