June 29, 2017
Sofia Vergara Being Sued By Ex-Fiancé Nick Loeb Over Frozen Embryos

Sofia Vergara, probably best known as the Colombian bombshell Gloria on ABC's Modern Family is reportedly being sued by ex-fiancé Nick Loeb over a pair of cryopreserved female embryos that had been created, via IVF using Nick's sperm and Sofia's eggs, in 2013, prior to their break up. Though the suit was initially filed in August of 2014, it has since been refiled with new information added to the court documents, made available by In Touch Weekly. Loeb reportedly filed the suit under the pseudonym "John Doe."

The embryos were created 6 months before the two split, and being pro-life, as well as having always wanted to be a father, Loeb wants to preserve the eggs, while Sofia Vergara wants to have them destroyed, according to the documents.

"[Loeb] seeks to ensure that the Female Embryos are not destroyed, but [Vergara] refuses to agree to their preservation under all circumstances. [Loeb] seeks to save from destruction two cryopreserved Female Embryos created using [Nick's] sperm and [Sofia's] ova for the purposes of attempting to have children. However, before the Female Embryos could be implanted in a surrogate, the Parties ended their relationship. [Vergara] hoped for the Female Embryos to ultimately be destroyed, [but Loeb] does not desire for the Female Embryos to be destroyed."
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The court documents also claim that Sofia Vergara was physically and mentally abusive to Loeb, stating that she "punched him in the face on two occasions, kicked him, and threw her phone at his head. She also routinely bullied him, calling him a 'loser,' 'worthless' and other degrading names."

One such incident of abuse is claimed to have happened while Sofia and Nick were at a fertility clinic in California. The clinic gives couples a routine form to fill out prior to any treatments, and one of the questions on the form has to do with the handling of the embryos should both parties die. The lawsuit states that Vergara wanted to opt for the embryos to be destroyed in the event of their deaths. Loeb, however, did not agree, and initially refused to sign the form. This disagreement allegedly caused Sofia to fly into a rage, causing her to verbally abuse Nick in the middle of the clinic.

"[Sofia Vergara] insisted that [Nick] agree to the destruction of the Female Embryos under that circumstance, and began vigorously berating him in the offices. [Nick Loeb] signed this portion of the Former Directive, even though he did not agree with it, in order to avoid further abuse."
No word from either Sofia Vergara or Nick Loeb on the lawsuit has been released as of yet.

What would you do if you were in Sofia's place, or Nick's, or the judge's, for that matter? It's a difficult situation to say the least.

[Header Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images; Body Photo courtesy of In Touch Weekly]