WWE News: John Cena Teases The Return Of The Spinning U.S. Title

There have been reports that WWE is redesigning the United States Championship. Also, there have been rumors of John Cena bringing back the spinning U.S. Title that he wore when he was the US Champ in 2004. Nobody knows for sure if WWE is going to do anything different with the United States Championship, but John Cena teased the return of the spinning U.S. Title on his Instagram just a couple of days ago.

Unlike his spinning WWE Championship that outstayed its welcome, Cena’s spinning U.S. Title was very popular among WWE fans, so it’s very likely that the fans would love to see his U.S. spinner belt make its return. However, if the belt did make a return, that would indicate that Cena would be holding onto the U.S. Title for quite a while, which many people are expecting anyway.

WWE is trying to add prestige to their secondary titles, and with the U.S. Title being on John Cena, and the Intercontinental Title being on Daniel Bryan, the secondary titles mean more than they have in nearly a decade. It’s expected that both Cena and Bryan will hold onto their respective titles for quite a while, but it’s said that Daniel Bryan is seriously banged up, which could cause him to lose his newly won Intercontinental Championship sooner rather than later.

Cena is set to defend his Untied States Championship against Rusev at this month’s Extreme Rules in a Russian Chain Match, where both men will be chained together, and you must touch all four corners in succession to win. With WWE’s blood ban, some fans are expecting this to be a rotten match. Furthermore, most people are expecting Cena to retain the United States Championship.

It’s likely that Cena will be out of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture for quite a while, which is why he’s expected to hold onto the United States Championship for quite a while. Some WWE fans are calling for a title unification match between John Cena and Daniel Bryan, which could happen at this summer’s SummerSlam if Bryan is able to stay healthy.

Someday, Cena will tie and break Ric Flair’s record of 16 World Heavyweight Championship reigns, but for now, Cena’s goal is to make the United States Championship relevant again, and so far, he’s done a phenomenal job.

[Image via WWE]