‘The Good Wife’ Lines Up A New Kalinda For Season 7

Viewers of CBS’ The Good Wife know that favorite private eye Kalinda is on her way out at the end of this season. With that in mind, are we getting a “new Kalinda?”

According to TVLine, CBS has just cast a hot new actress that might replace Kalinda in a “major-ish role.”

Deadline reports that British actress Cush Jumbo will join the cast for next year’s season. Right now, it’s not yet known who Jumbo will be playing but TVLine is hinting or at least suggesting that she might be taking over the role of an investigator, since the show is giving Kalinda the boot, and Alicia’s firm will be in need of someone.

That said, CBS has not commented on whether or not Cush Jumbo is actress Archie Panjabi’s replacement.

As the Inquisitr reported, Panjabi realized it was time to move on from the character when Kalinda started to influence her acting choices. The actress was doing a scene with Gillian Anderson for the series The Fall when she realized Kalinda was bleeding through.

In the scene, Anderson’s character is supposed to make a move on Panjabi’s character because a man who she doesn’t like won’t leave her alone. Panjabi’s response back was a little too strong in the scene.

“When I was kissing her, Allan Cubitt, the show’s creator and director, had to say, ‘Archie, can you hold back?’ because Gillian was supposed to take me by complete surprise. I didn’t think that I was very forward in [the scene], but obviously after a while a character starts to affect you. I thought, ‘OK, I think it’s time to go now.”

That said, the Emmy winner is moving on to brighter things. The actress currently has her own television deal with 20th Century Fox. Right now we don’t know what the project will be, but it’s said Archie will star in her own drama.

In an interview with TV Guide, the show’s executive producers, Robert and Michelle King, spoke about Kalinda’s goodbye and the challenges the news of her exit posed for production.

“We did have in mind an exit. The complication for us is once it became known that she was leaving, you really couldn’t pull out the Will card. You couldn’t surprise the audience, so a lot of it is the intervening months have been about trying to toy with how that exit might happen.”

As for Kalinda’s exit, fans should prepare themselves because it’s going to be an emotional one. “For us, it’s emotional so my guess is that for the fans it’s emotional too. I think Will’s was a shock followed by the emotion. I think it might be the reverse here.”

[Image via CBS]