‘Success Kid’ Raises $75,000 For Dad’s Kidney Transplant, But Sammy Griner’s Family Needs A Donor

As the so-called Success Kid raises $75,000 for his ailing dad’s kidney transplant, the success of Sammy Griner’s crowdfunding effort is bitter sweet since his mother has already passed away from the same disease that now affects his father. But it’s possible that with the fundraiser blowing past the original goal within days, the Success Kid’s father will be able to live his life successfully from now on assuming they are able to find a kidney donor.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Justin Griner is only 39 years-old, but according to his new wife, Laney, the lack of a kidney transplant has dramatically affected his ability to live a normal life.

“One can only survive with no natural kidney function and using article kidney filtering for so long,” Laney Griner said. “His energy and mood are affected, he can no longer work, and he spends 12 hours a week in dialysis clinic. Having been on dialysis for this long greatly increases his risks of developing further complications. The only way to save his life is to get a transplant. There’s no other way around that.”

Success Kid Sammy Griner

If the Success Kid raises $75,000 and beyond, the family plans on spending the money on long term care. Sammy Griner’s family is receiving help from Medicare, but this only helps for the first three months and his father will be required to use various expensive drugs for life. Already the medical bills are expected to pile up, with estimates standing at around $12,000 for just the first year.

There is also another level of difficulty the family now faces. Although the Success Kid raised $75,000 successfully, long term success will require an actual kidney donor. None of their friends or family are viable for the kidney transplant, and waiting on a list for a deceased donor cane take many years. Just in the United States alone there are more than 100,000 people waiting for a kidney transplant, but only 29,531 transplants were carried out in 2014.

“We certainly prefer a living donor because the prognosis seems to be much better,” she said, according to the Daily Dot. “We’re certainly not opposed [to waiting for a donor], but obviously, the sooner the better for us all.”

Over on the Success Kid’s GoFundMe page, the family has linked to a Mayo Clinic website where you can fill out a living donor evaluation form if you want to help Sammy Griner’s family out. They also say if you want to be tested for a donor match, please contact 904.956.3249 and speak with Lisa Veal, donor coordinator.

Success Kid Sammy Griner All Grown Up

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