WWE News: Dean Ambrose To Wrestle At WWE’s Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View?

Among the top WWE superstars in the company, there seems to be one who isn’t doing quite what the WWE Universe expected him to do when he debuted. That man is Dean Ambrose, and he is arguably the WWE’s most popular wrestler. At least across the Internet Wrestling Community, he’s in everybody’s top-5 list. However, is he on WWE’s top-5?

At WrestleMania, Ambrose fought for the Intercontinental championship and lost in a valiant effort. There was one point in the match that people at Levi’s Stadium and at home thought Ambrose was seriously hurt after a drop from the ladder onto another ladder. Ambrose was stitched up on site, but he didn’t gain any WWE gold that night.

That begs the question, when will Dean Ambrose get his mega-push in WWE? There are rumors that are floating around the internet that insinuate his push will come this Summer and lead to a Money in the Bank briefcase victory. Hopefully, that rumor will come to fruition, and the WWE fans will finally see Ambrose flourish.

Before the Money in the Bank match, what will Ambrose be doing? According to WrestlingNews.co, expect another match to be added to the Extreme Rules card that will involve Dean Ambrose.

“At yesterday’s WWE live event in Bournemouth, England at the Bournemouth International Centre, Dean Ambrose cut a promo in the ring about how he wants to fight Luke Harper.He said that he didn’t want to wait until Extreme Rules to face Luke Harper, but wanted a fight right then. Harper then came out and had a match with Ambrose that saw Ambrose go over.”

For the past few weeks, the WWE has been teasing a potential match between the two, but it really doesn’t make any sense. The WWE deserves credit for utilizing all of their talent, but Ambrose deserves to be in the main event, and that’s without question. Perhaps a heel turn for Ambrose is the only way to elevate him.

There’s a chance that it could come this Summer, but with his merchandise sales so high with the children, the WWE will most likely hold off on that. Ambrose is a guy that is comparable to Mick Foley. His talent is off the charts but does WWE see him as someone who can carry the gold? If looks are the Achilles heel, Ambrose is as “easy on the eyes” as Seth Rollins is.

WWE already utilized the “Rollins vs. Ambrose feud” last year, and it was spectacular. The only problem with that was Ambrose’s losing record in pay-per-view matches. It’s almost predictable that Ambrose will beat Luke Harper at Extreme Rules. After that, what’s next for the Lunatic Fringe? Money in the Bank isn’t until July, so a heel turn can be properly executed.

[Image via alternativenation.net]