‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer Blames Reported Divorce On Jeremy Calvert? ‘You’re Not Sorry’

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer and her husband, Jeremy Calvert, don’t appear to be doing well. When Teen Mom 2 season five came to an end last year, fans saw the couple’s strained relationship take a turn for the worse, when Calvert refused therapy. Months later, he accused Messer of cheating, and now, it appears he may be ready to move on.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Calvert recently re-tweeted the message of a woman named Haley, who claimed to have seen Calvert. While that doesn’t necessarily mean they are romantically linked, it was certainly reminiscent of the Teen Mom star’s early stages of communication with Brittany Musick, who he attempted to hook up with at the end of last year.

Seemingly in response to her husband’s interest in this other woman, Messer tweeted on April 14, “You’re not sorry…”

Right away, fans wanted to know who she was speaking of. Because the Teen Mom star is reportedly on the verge of a divorce, many believed her tweet was aimed at Calvert. However, moments later, she explained she was simply repeating a lyric of a song.

“It’s just a song.. Lol,” she wrote.

But was it really just a song?

Messer and Calvert have been facing divorce rumors for the last several months, so one would think someone who didn’t want to add to speculation wouldn’t post such a mysterious message — especially not one her millions of Teen Mom fans can see.

Although the Teen Mom couple has remained silent in regard to the ongoing rumors, they have continuously added to the speculation ever since Calvert accused Messer of cheating. In addition, several reports this week have alleged Messer has already moved out of the home she and Calvert once shared.

In the latest report, an insider claimed the Teen Mom pair has been fighting for a while, and finally, Messer has grown tired of the situation.

“Leah can’t take the constant fighting anymore,” an insider told In Touch Weekly. “She feels like her marriage to Jeremy has been one long roller-coaster ride, and she finally wants off.”

“Leah and Jeremy promised each other that they would try to move on, but Jeremy can’t seem to get over the past. He’s constantly accusing Leah of things — usually cheating.”

Leah Messer returns to MTV in Teen Mom 2 season six, which is currently in production, and expected to premiere later this year.

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