Which Politician Loves Nicki Minaj?

Nicki Minaj has millions of fans. But there’s one person you might just not expect to be a big Minaj fan, none other than presidential hopeful, Senator Marco Rubio.

The Republican candidate has some very interesting musical tastes that he has admitted before. According to MTV, Rubio has proudly announced that he is a big Tupac fan and has been since his years in law school.

In an interview, the Republican said, “Why am I not a Biggie person? I think 2Pac’s lyrics were probably more insightful in my opinion — with all apologies to the Biggie fans.”

So after knowing that, it’s not as far-fetched to see how he could be a big Nicki Minaj fan.

Rubio told TMZ, “I’m still a Nicki Minaj fan. She’s very talented.”

“Still” referring of course to when Rubio announced in a 2011 interview that he was a big Minaj fan. While he admitted to “diverse musical interest,” he also proudly announced then that he was Minaj fan.

Rubio stated, “I got some attention last week for talking about Nicki Minaj…I mean, look, I don’t let my kids listen to any of this stuff.”

Thank goodness for that, seeing how some of Minaj’s latest hits are “Anaconda” and “Truffle Butter.”

So, if he does make it into the White House, what else will he be playing?

“Electronic music. I’ve gotten into it a little with David Guetta, Axwell and Ingrosso, Swedish House Mafia, those guys.”

So, how do these acts feel about Rubio? Well, after he played Axwell and Ingrosso’s “Something New” after he confirmed that he is entering the presidential race, the duo said that they “didn’t give their permission for this song to be used and don’t want to be affiliated with a particular party during the upcoming presidential race,” according to Business Insider.

So, they’ve spoken out about Rubio being a fan and using their music, but how does Minaj feel about her “most powerful fan?”

Nicki Minaj has not commented on Rubio’s appreciation for her music, but as TMZ said, “a live performance of ‘Anaconda’ at an inaugural ball would be kinda epic.”

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Roc Nation]