Woman Takes Her Selfie Stick For A Swim And Screams Hysterically When She’s Photobombed By A Giant Sea Creature

A holidaymaker who decided to take a break from the fierce Florida heat and take her selfie stick for a relaxing bath in some cool water was reduced to an hysterical, screaming wreck when a mysterious sea beast swung by to say hello.

To anyone but a committed narcissist, taking a selfie stick for a swim might seem a strange thing to do, but if the young lady had failed to hang onto her selfie stick throughout her nightmarish ordeal, then the rest of us wouldn’t be able to enjoy the hilarious footage of her flailing around in the water as if she was about to be swallowed by Moby Dick.

The Mirror reports that the unnamed female was enjoying a leisurely soak in the clear blue water and filming the entire thing on her trusty selfie stick when her friends, who are not in the water but on a boat, notice an enormous marine mammal who looks like he’s come to play.

At first, the woman, although clearly terrified, manages to keep some semblance of composure as she calls nervously to her friends, “Where is it?” and looks around with the sort of facial expression that would suggest she’s just been assaulted by a rather unpleasant smell.

Despite the gravity of the situation, her companions do not appear to be too concerned about their friend’s welfare as they gleefully shout, “It’s behind you!”

The woman then starts thrashing around in a blind panic as the unidentified sea beast becomes visible through the water, and then, with words that could be taken somewhat suggestively out of context if you were to close you eyes and listen, the woman begins to scream and ramble.

“Oh my God! I see it. It’s right next to me. Jesus Christ! Look at that look at that. I’m gonna touch it. Oh my God it’s huge. It’s f**king big. Oh my God!”


Fortunately, the women’s friends finally throw her a rope, and the terrified swimmer and her selfie stick are pulled to safety.

Remarkably, throughout her ordeal, the woman never drops her selfie stick. Although her terror is palpable and her fear real, her smartphone is held aloft for the duration. Almost as if she was an immensely proud and battle-hardened veteran who would prefer to sink and drown rather than relinquish her grip on ole glory.

It’s just as well the mysterious sea beast in question wasn’t a Great White. It was, in fact, a Manatee. Although Manatees are massive, they are slow-moving mammals and prefer to snack on water grasses, weeds and algae as opposed to humans -especially ones with selfie sticks.