Shelly Sterling Wins Suit Against V. Stiviano – ‘Conniving Mistress’ Must Return Lavish Gifts

Well, this is a bummer for one billionaire’s mistress, but a victory for scorned wives everywhere. Shelly Sterling has won a lawsuit against V. Stiviano, famous mistress of her husband and former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling: a Los Angeles court has ordered her to pay back all of his lavish gifts.

In case you’ve forgotten, V. Stiviano is the woman who endured one of Sterling’s racist rants – and released a recording of said rant to the public. In it, he chastised her for appearing in public with African Americans. The ensuing controversy resulted in Shelly Sterling having her husband declared incompetent, seizing the family trust, and selling the Clippers for $2 billion, the Associated Press reported.

Now, Shelly is enjoying another victory, this time against his purported mistress. Shelley claimed that the woman conned her husband with sex in order to leech lavish gifts from him – including a $1.8 million house and at least $800,000 in goods. Now, V. Stiviano has to give it all back – the court agreed that she’d received what was technically community property Shelley and Donald had earned throughout their long marriage.

Stiviano claimed the couple were separated at the time; the court disagreed, the Los Angeles Times added.

“Their marriage had difficulties. However, the parties continued to live together, to travel together, to hold parties together and to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries together.”

Which means her gifts were ill-gotten and Shelly has gotten her revenge.

Sterling was remarkably generous. Besides the house – which she now has to surrender – V. Stiviano’s alleged seduction earned her a Ferrari, Bentley, and Range Rover, shopping sprees (she had free use of Sterling’s credit cards, the AP added) and travel. Oddly enough, she also got a $391 Easter bunny costume, a $299 two-speed blender, and a $12 lace thong, CNN added.

At first, Shelly planned to nail the “other woman” for $3.6 million – a conservative estimate, according to her accountant. But it wasn’t easy connecting all the cash to Sterling’s mistress, and the court based the eventual judgment on V. Stiviano’s own claims. Shelly’s attorney was particularly thrilled with the ruling.

“This is a victory for the Sterling family in recovering the $2,630,000 that Donald lavished on a conniving mistress. It also sets a precedent that the injured spouse can recover damages from the recipient of these ill-begotten gifts.”

Shelly claimed that the controversy V. Stiviano ignited felled her and her husband both; Donald denies a sexual affair with the woman. For her part, the famous mistress – who called her sugar daddy a father figure and lover – denies manipulating him for gifts.

“Everything that I have you’ve given me from your heart without me begging or asking or throwing myself all over you,” she claimed in recording played in court.

[Photo Courtesy YouTube Screengrab]