OJ Simpson Beaten By White Supremacist: Inmate Moved After Threatening Simpson's Life

Samantha Kilgore

OJ Simpson, the 67-year-old former football star who is currently serving out a prison sentence in Nevada, can sleep a little easier in his cell at night now that Travis Waugh, the white supremacist who beat him and repeatedly threatened to kill him, has been transferred.

According to the report by Radar Online, the trouble between Simpson and the other prisoner began when Simpson decided he didn't need to wait in line like the rest of his fellow inmates. While prisoners were waiting to receive their medication, Simpson decided to jump to the front of the line, which is when Waugh, a member of the Aryan nation and a convicted sex offender, reportedly took offense and lashed out at Simpson.

Apparently, this sort of behavior is par for the course for OJ Simpson. An insider reports that Simpson's entitled demeanor has earned him few friends in prison.

"O.J. is still the same guy he was when he came here -- [he] feels like the world owes him something -- and they are tired of it."

And through the entire altercation, from start to end, Waugh, 51, repeatedly told Simpson that he was a "dead man," and that Simpson "would not leave here alive."

Although Simpson reportedly tried to play it cool at first, he was quickly informed by fellow inmates that Waugh was "the real deal," in terms of anger and violence.

"That guy [Waugh] had a reputation of being a very brutal, violent guy, who has a lot of connections inside and outside of the prison. That's why he was housed in the maximum-security tier. They told O.J. he should watch his back."
"Since the fight, OJ had been so frightened of running into the man that he avoided the prison cafeteria all together, eating meals in his prison cell…and when he did leave his cell, he was escorted by his cellmate 'Smoke.'"

Waugh, who is 6-feet-tall and around 250 pounds, was convicted in 2005 for an "attempted sexual assault of a mentally challenged minor." He has a parole hearing scheduled soon, and his mother, Juanita Antonio, is worried that the latest incident may prevent her son from being granted his freedom.

"I hope the situation with OJ Simpson won't hurt his chances for parole. Travis has paid his debt to society," she said, adding, "He is a good person who made an awful mistake."

Whether granted parole or not, it appears as though Waugh will spend the remainder of his time away from Lovelock, where OJ remains imprisoned. And, the prison insider says, OJ is completely fine with that.

"OJ never wants to see him again," the insider stated.

Simpson remains in prison, serving a nine- to 33-year sentence in connection with robbery and kidnapping charges after a 2007 incident in Las Vegas. And prison has not been kind to OJ on many different levels. Click here to see why OJ claims he'll "leave prison in a wheelchair."

[Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images]