Passenger Fined For Slap Of VietJet Air Flight Worker After Fight Over Baggage Weight

VietJet Air had a 35-year-old passenger fined for the slap of a ground worker after the passenger and the company employee tussled over the weight of the luggage.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a flight attendants union attacked actress Nicole Kidman for her role in an Etihad Airways ad, saying that she was promoting a Persian gulf airline that is allegedly unfair to female employees. The company responded to the controversy by defending Kidman and claiming that they would not fire pregnant women.

Was this passenger fined for a slap heard around the world? VietJet Air is known as being a low-cost flight carrier, so being charged VND 7.5 million, or $345, probably cost a good chunk of the flight.

The incident took place on April 7, 2015, but already, the news has begun to go viral even though 35-year-old Nguyen Thi Hang was checking in at the Tan Son Nhat Airport for a VietJet Air flight to Hanoi. An unidentified VietJet Air employee was working near departure gate Number 16 when he realized the total weight of Hang’s luggage might exceed the maximum of seven kilograms, so he asked her to weigh the baggage again on a scale.

The reason why Hang may have become so upset is that VietJet Air’s baggage policy requires that any excess beyond the limit be deposited at check-in counters before boarding flight. The other option is to pay even more for the flight, or it is possible the airlines will simply not allow you to fly. So, yes, going over the weight limit is apparently a fairly big deal.

According to Thanhnien News, Hang started to yell at the VietJet Air worker and then slapped him full in the face even after she agreed to weigh her baggage again. To make matter worse, it was discovered the bags were indeed over the maximum weight allowed.

In response to Hang slapping the VietJet Air employee, airport security force and representatives for the Southern Airports Authority and VietJet Air descended upon the women. According to Tuoi Tre News, they recorded on paper the misdeed and had Hang sign it. Due to the administrative vioation, Tran Doan Mau, director of the Southern Airports Authority, decided to have the passenger fined for the slap.

What do you think about policies related to overweight baggage? Do you think it is fair that Nguyen Thi Hang was charged so much money for becoming frustrated at the VietJet Air employee, or do you think she should have been charged with something more serious?

[Image via Airbus]