Niall Horan: What This 1D Fan Did Is Just Too Gross [And Probably Illegal]

One Direction star Niall Horan just spent a few days in Augusta watching his pal Rory McIlroy play golf in the Masters. Poor Niall was probably pretty embarrassed when pictures of him falling over whilst caddying for McIlroy were beamed around the world but what happened next takes embarrassing to a whole new level.

According to the Daily Mail, Niall Horan was staying in a rented house near the Augusta golf course when the washing machine broke down. As a result 20-year-old Ashleigh Sokie was asked to do Niall's laundry and what happened next surely marks a new low for boy-band fandom.

The Mirror reports that Ashleigh took pictures of herself wearing Niall Horan's dirty clothing, including his underwear and then posted the pictures on social media site Twitter. Sokie even posted pictures of Niall wearing the same items to prove that they belonged to Horan.

Sokie also bragged that she had stolen Niall Horan's dirty underwear as a trophy. Sokie posted pictures of herself wearing Niall's Calvin Klein boxer shorts and a T-shirt with a caption explaining what she had done.
"My boss let me wash/wear Niall's clothes because his washer broke last night at his rental house in Augusta.

"I got to fold his underwear and a few of Mark's shirts also. She owns the company that he rented his house through! His washer broke & she was too busy so asked me to wash them."

She also wrote that she was "keeping" Niall's underwear as a trophy.

It seems that Ms Sokie had failed to anticipate the reaction of Niall Horan's fans when she posted her pictures. One Direction fans are famous for their loyalty to their heroes and many were less than impressed with Ashleigh's treatment of Niall's intimate items. Unreality TV reports that Sokie was subjected to Rory McIlroy a barrage of abuse from Horan fans who felt that Sokie's behavior was a breach of Niall Horan's privacy.

Ashleigh Sokie has had to delete her social media accounts as a result of the anger directed at her by disgusted Niall Horan fans.

It seems that Niall Horan is not the first One Direction star to have had his underwear stolen. The Mirror claims that Niall's pal Louis Tomlinson has his boxer shorts pilfered by a fan in 2013.

I wonder what Inquisitr readers think about this latest furore involving Niall Horan's undies? Would you wear someone else's dirty underwear even if it was Niall Horan's?

[Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]