Tattoo Parlor VH1: Disfigured Chest Has Woman Suing NYC Tattoo Parlor ‘Black Ink’

A tattoo parlor on a VH1 reality show allegedly left a woman with a disfigured chest post-ink, and now the shop is getting sued. According to Mail Online, Asabi Barner, 37, visited Black Ink in New York City to get a tattoo, but she claims that she got a “botch job,” and that she is still in pain several months later.

“She said she had watched the parlor’s reality show and trusted the artists, who specialize in tattooing on dark skin tones. Barner left the shop happy with her ‘phenomenal’ new chest tattoo… But the next day she was still in pain and then noticed that the tattoo started to puss and ooze in the area around her left breast,” reports Mail Online.

Barner claims that the tattoo parlor on VH1 left her disfigured and is seeking unspecified damages from the parlor for causing her discomfort and emotional stress. According to NewsMax, Barner claims that Black Ink was “reckless, careless, and negligent” and filed the lawsuit after seeking an opinion from another tattoo artist. She was told that whoever did her tattoo “overworked” her skin, and she is still dealing with that aftermath.

The woman now says that this tattoo has changed her life, and that she’s lacking confidence and doesn’t feel good about the way she looks — especially in the bedroom.

“In the intimate moments, it creates a problem because you don’t have that confidence. I wasn’t overly confident before, but I felt good about myself. Felt good about my body, but it just changes you,” explained Barner.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Barner is suffering from Keloids.

“Keloids – which can occur at the site of skin damage like cuts, burns, chicken pox, piercings, and tattoos – are found to have a genetic factor and are hard to prevent if one is already predisposed. However, in Barner’s case, she’s had tattoos before and had not suffered from the scarring prior to her Black Ink visit.”

Black Ink Crew is the name of the tattoo shop’s reality show on VH1. The owners have not released a statement of any kind on social media, and their Facebook fan page (which has over 1.4 million “likes”) has not made mention of the lawsuit. It is unknown how Black Ink is moving forward with the lawsuit, or if they have met with Barner since she complained.

Do you think the tattoo parlor should be held responsible?

[Photo via PIX11]