Yvonne Camargo: Man Films Then Confronts Woman Beating Toddler In Parking Lot [Video]

Yvonne Camargo, 39, of Victorville, California was arrested on suspicion of willful cruelty to a child after a man videotaped her hitting a little boy in a parking lot.

The man, who identified himself only as Edward Moneyhanz, explains that he began recording Camargo and the toddler with the camera on his phone when he noticed Camargo pulling the little boy by the hair in the parking lot of a Kohl’s store. The video footage can be found below.

As Camargo gets closer to her car, she bends over to wipe the little boy’s face with a tissue — the video shows clearly that the toddler was in distress, crying heavily. Camargo bundles him into his car seat, wipes his face again, and then leans over to grab what appears to be an iPad or tablet of some sort.

Then, without warning, she strikes the sobbing toddler in the face with it. The little boy immediately clutches his cheek as his sobs increase.

At that point, Edward steps in.

“Hey, why are you hitting that kid like that? Why are you hitting that little baby?” Edward asks.

Camargo turns around, clearly startled by the look on her face. She has obviously been unaware that a bystander has watched and filmed the whole incident — she was too preoccupied with hitting the toddler, apparently.

A female bystander also jumps in, asking Camargo why she would hit a little baby, saying that she could go to jail for that. At that point, for some reason, Camargo opens up the back door of the car, showing the little boy in his car seat, still sobbing and clutching his cheek, where he had been struck with the large electronic device.

The child, who remains unidentified, was in obvious distress.

Camargo gets in the car, and the man with the camera has the foresight to film the woman’s licence plate, while the female bystander, obviously emotional and growing angrier, yells, “Hitting a f—— innocent kid that can’t protect themselves. How do you feel hitting a kid?”

Obviously, Camargo felt pretty okay about hitting a little kid. The only emotion she shows during the entire filmed incident is surprise when she sees that someone has noticed her abusing the little boy.

Edward uploaded the video to YouTube, and someone notified authorities about the incident. Camargo was arrested, but it is not yet known whether charges were officially made. Police state that the report has been submitted to the San Bernardino County District Attorney, who will ultimately make the decision whether or not to file charges against Camargo.

There has been no official report on Camargo’s relationship to the toddler, but YouTube commenters claiming to know the family claim Camargo is the child’s nanny.

Or was the child’s nanny, hopefully.

This is not the first time a child abuser has been filmed harming a child. Just recently, a man was arrested after being filmed punching a child in the face. The footage of his senseless, brutal act quickly went viral, and he was arrested. For more on that, click here.