Anti-Hillary Posters Flood Las Vegas and NYC After Hillary Clinton Announces Intent To Run For President In 2016

On Sunday, April 12, 2015, former Obama Administration Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, announced her intention to run for United States President in 2016. Since then, the Inquisitr reported on the latest news pertaining to Clinton’s presidential pursuit, which includes her intent to pinpoint the bulk of her campaign in favor of the US Middle Class. However, Clinton does have an uphill battle, since she has numerous controversies working against her, including the Benghazi Incident and her use of a private email account for Secretary of State business.

Summarized, Hillary Clinton’s run for president is a polarizing topic for those who support or are against her. For the latter, there are individuals who have expressed their disdain for Clinton by hanging up posters of the Democratic presidential hopeful all around Las Vegas and New York City. Said posters are garnering attention for using words that are considered “coded sexism” towards Clinton herself.

Originally reported by Washington Free Beacon, hundreds of posters criticizing Hillary Clinton were found all around Las Vegas and New York City. The poster itself portrays Clinton in a way as if she were having a mugshot taken before serving time in prison. The cartooning and black-and-white filters makes Clinton unflattering. Yet, the standout detail of the posters is the unique statements printed on them which range from “Don’t Say Entitled” to “Don’t Say Ambitious.” As mentioned earlier, the quotes utilize words considered “coded sexism” by the HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton) Super Volunteers. The HRC Super Volunteers have even threatened reporters not to use the words when talking about Clinton for any reason.

Amy Chozick, a writer for the New York Times, was one of the reporters to receive such a threat via email. In response to the HRC Super Volunteers threat, she shared the email publicly on her official Twitter account.

Apparently the individuals behind the anti-Hillary posters are not taking the threat seriously. As a matter of fact, said individuals were even bold enough to put up many of the posters just blocks away from Hillary Clinton’s new 2015 campaign office in Brooklyn Heights earlier this week on Sunday, as reported by New York Daily News.

Presently, the identity of the individuals behind the anti-Hillary posters remain unknown. Whoever said individuals are, it is evident they are utilizing their freedom to express themselves, similar to how 2016 Republican contenders are, too.

[Image via Washington Free Beacon]