Lana Del Rey A Festival Absentee: Misses 2015 Splendour, Coachella, SXSW

Rumors were spreading over the winter months that Lana Del Rey could be headlining a number of festivals. However, as festival season begins with SXSW and moves on to Coachella — it is clear that Lana Del Rey is absent (sort of).

Lana Del Rey did make brief appearances at Coachella 2015, but not in person. For example, a DJ mixed her tunes for Coachella audience members — but Lana Del Rey herself did not attend the festival in any way.

Fuse TV gives us the impression after SXSW that Lana Del Rey fans should feel threatened. Halsey was interviewed for Fuse TV and stated that Halsey was the “most-mentioned artist at SXSW 2015, so, Lana Del Rey fans, take note. [sic]”

Sadly, SXSW and Coachella are not the only festivals that Lana Del Rey will miss out on in 2015 (excluding her Endless Summer tour that starts on May 7). Music Feeds mentioned on April 14 that Lana Del Rey would not be at the Australian Splendour festival — despite strong rumors previously leaked indicating that she would be.

Is there a story behind Lana Del Rey’s lack of performances? Not officially. Nevertheless, even U.S.A. Today is asking “Where are the women in 2015’s music festivals?”

U.S.A. Today gives a long list of statistics from past years that show that the lack of headlining female acts like Lana Del Rey is historic. In fact, they insinuate that Lana Del Rey should count herself lucky that she is performing at any festivals at all in 2015. U.S.A. Today states the following.

“Out of nearly 160 artists, only 26 at Coachella are female-fronted acts — about 16-percent. Similarly, fewer than 20 of the 100 artists appearing at Bonnaroo are female. Roughly 30 of the 135 bands playing Lollapalooza are women-led. [sic]”

Is a lack of female performers (or Lana Del Rey herself) affecting these festivals in any way? Since Lana Del Rey was a huge success at Coachella 2014, perhaps they should think about asking her again. Forbes Magazine stated that the tickets for Coachella were being re-sold at lower rates than in 2014 — and it could be because fans are not as impressed with the headlining acts in 2015.

As a matter of fact, Lana Del Rey was so brilliant at Coachella 2014 that she shaped festival clothing for the next year. Several news agencies also covered H&M’s festival clothing line for 2015 that they directly say is Lana Del Rey-inspired (among others). After viewing recent Coachella pics — the Lana Del Rey 2014 Coachella fashion influence is obvious.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lana Del Rey has several key fashion elements from her past styles that are influencing this summer’s looks directly — especially at Coachella 2015. The evidence is in the pictures from Coachella of the audience — wearing their best Lana Del Rey fancy duds in the form of cut-off jeans, flowers in their hair, flowing gowns, bold floral pattern dresses — and an overall 60s hippie style.

For example, Alexa Chung was pictured for Coachella by the Guardian U.K. wearing a style of gown that looked like Lana Del Rey’s red-orange flowing dress that she wore for her Barcelona, Spain performance and another performance.

About the white Lana Del Rey-ish dress Chung wore, the Guardian U.K. says, “Take off the headphones and Alexa Chung is in Judi Dench’s favourite North West London boutique, Hampstead Bazaar. [sic]”

While it is a classic style, one of the vintage looks that have been trending at 2015 festivals so far that has been attributed to Lana Del Rey are cut-off shorts. Shorts so short that the pockets are sticking out the bottom of the leg. Vogue U.K. captured a picture of two-thirds of Haim wearing cut-offs at Coachella mimicking true Lana Del Rey chic.

Naturally, anyone wearing cut-offs with pockets exposed looks a lot like Lana Del Rey does in almost every picture of Lana Del Rey when she is not on stage. One only has to Google “Lana Del Rey cut-offs” to find hundreds of pieces of evidence. In other words, Lana Del Rey may not have invented blue jean cut-off shorts, but she is certainly doing a good job of owning that style — among others.

Hopefully, next year, we will be seeing more of Lana Del Rey at nationwide festivals than the flowers she puts in her hair and the pretty things she wears.

[Image via Vera Anderson from Getty Images.]