Lisa Rinna On ‘RHOBH’ Season 5 Conclusion: ‘Shame On You, Kim Richards’

Lisa Rinna had an eventful fifth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The season, which was the first for the soap star, was filled with laughter, tears, friends and enemies, and looking back, she had plenty to say.

In an April 14 blog post for Bravo, Lisa Rinna spoke of Kim Richards’ allegations against her husband, which quickly became a focal point during the season, and hot media topic in the weeks since.

“When you put out a claim or accusation about somebody, you need to be damn sure you can back it up. Insinuating something about someone based on something that you ‘heard’ is creating a negative that you can’t prove and also has the potential of never truly going away. This is just dangerous. Shame on you, Kim Richards. I’ll pray for you.”

As fans will recall, Richards claimed Lisa Rinna had a “situation at home” with husband Harry Hamlin, but wouldn’t reveal what it was — even after Lisa Rinna encouraged her to do so.

After filming on the particular episode, Lisa Rinna sent a text message to Richards, in which she threatened she would “f**k you up.” Although Rinna admits she should have never sent the text, she claimed she was working on improving her sometimes irrational behavior in regard to family matters.

“I own this behavior. I recognize it, and I own up to it, and I work on bettering myself from it. Can Kim and Brandi say the same?”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Lisa Rinna, along with fellow soap star Eileen Davidson, is expected to be asked back for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 6. According to a Radar Online report earlier this year, Lisa Rinna and Davidson were great additions to the show, and Bravo would love to have them back for another round of drama.

The site’s source claimed the pair brought the show much-needed ratings, and plenty of drama, with Lisa Rinna’s aggressive, no-frills attitude, and Davidson’s refined and elegant demeanor.

As for whether the pair would return, the source claimed Lisa Rinna likely would, while Davidson would have to get the okay from her family before signing on.

“Lisa would say yes on the spot if asked today. Eileen will think it over, and get the input from her family.”

Lisa Rinna has not yet commented on her possible Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season six return. However, she did hint she would be back, closing out her blog, “Until we meet again!”

[Photo via Twitter]