New App Lets Users See What They Would Look Like After Weight Loss

Many people imagine what they would look like after dropping a few pounds. Now, people can truly visualize a slimmer version of themselves because of a new app called Visualize You, according to KIRO-TV.

The new smartphone app processes what a user would look at a goal weight by utilizing 3-D model technology. The photo can be saved and downloaded to social media if desired–or just saved as incentive to hit the gym an extra day.

According to the website for Visualize You, the photo can be saved and shared as “a means to inspire weight loss and an overall healthy lifestyle.” The website for Visualize You states the following about the unique program.

“The Visualize You app is the only application of its kind. Using a 3D model engine and weight change algorithms developed and confirmed by weight change experts. The application generates a realistic depiction of you at your goal weight. Save, share, and print your target weight photo.”

Developed by Visual Health Solutions, in collaboration with the Wellness Institute at Cleveland Clinic, the University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center and UnitedHealthcare, the app is used to see how one would look at a target weight. The app is supposed to give a realistic image, more so than other photo-shopping tools. The CEO of Visual Health Solutions, Paul Baker, stated the following, according to People.

“People are looking for an effective way to motivate themselves and their friends to embark on a formal healthy weight program.”

A weight-loss expert, Charlie Seltzer, M.D., approves of the app, stating the following regarding people having a realistic view of how they’ll look as they lose weight.

“I will often recommend that people put up pictures of what they want to look like or what they used to look like, provided the body image is healthy. I’d hate for someone to put [a photo] in and see themselves not the way they are going to look, and get discouraged and disgruntled that they’re not changing how they’re supposed to. But my first thought upon hearing about this app, was, ‘It sounds like a really good idea.'”

A free version of the app sponsored by UnitedHealthcare is available. An ad-free version goes for $1.99 on iPhone and Android. It’s available in the Apple App store and Google Play store.

Some people actually can take off pounds in a short period of time and might not need an app to guess how they would appear after slimming down. Grammy Award-winning Sam Smith is a new expert in the weight-loss arena. The 22-year-old singer recently lost 14 pounds in just two weeks and is revealing his weight-loss tricks.

[Photo Courtesy Twitter]