Jessa Duggar Pregnant: New Instagram Picture Sparking Pregnancy Rumors For Jessa And Ben

Jessa Duggar is sparking new rumors that she is pregnant after her husband shared a picture that may be hiding evidence of a baby on the way.

On Monday, Jessa’s husband, Ben Seewald, shared a picture on his Instagram page that showed he and Jessa sitting together on a couch. But Ben is strategically holding a hat in front of Jessa’s midsection, which some believe is evidence that the Duggar sister is finally pregnant but not ready to share it with the world.

Jessa Duggar didn’t do much to quell the pregnancy rumors. She later shared her own Instagram picture of herself kneeling over to fix a flat tire. The picture includes Jessa’s jean skirt and boots, but shows nothing of her belly.

The pictures are fueling rumors that have swirled for months that Jessa Duggar is either pregnant now or will soon be pregnant. She and Ben have been married half a year now with no pregnancy yet, a strangely long amount of time for a Duggar family that traditionally marries quickly and starts having kids even sooner.

Jessa and Ben have already fueled some of these rumors themselves. In March, Jessa shared a picture showing Ben holding his hands over her midsection, as if she were carrying a child.

The couple seems to be facing a lot of pressure to procreate. Jessa’s older sister, Jill, just gave birth to her first child, and parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar seem eager for Jessa to have one of her own. Fans of 19 Kids and Counting saw this on Jessa’s wedding day advice, when Jim Bob delivered this advice to Ben.

“Ben, you’re a fine young man. Starting Saturday when you get married: be fruitful and multiply.”

Mom Michelle Duggar echoed the sentiment.

“As the Lord blesses them with children, Jessa would really desire to be at home with kids … so the majority of the cooking will probably be on her shoulders.”

To the idea of getting pregnant early in marriage, Jessa seemed to have some doubts. She answered her parents: “I’ve got to work on some of those skills.”

But Jessa Duggar may not be planning to get pregnant at all — at least not anytime soon. Earlier this year, a source told the Hollywood Gossip that Jessa was actually going against Duggar family tradition by going on birth control, and Jessa herself has talked about adopting kids when she discusses starting a family.

[Image via Instagram]