‘Flavor Of Love’ Star Tiffany Pollard Shows Off ‘Botched’ Breasts On Reality Show

Tiffany Pollard, who previously appeared in the first season of Flavor Of Love and I Love New York, returned to reality television on Tuesday night to open up about her blundered breast surgery for E!’s Botched.

Pollard, who also went by the name of New York when she appeared on Flavor Of Love, met with Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif, the two doctors who examine surgeries that have gone wrong, on Botched.

And the 33-year-old television personality explained that she was disappointed with her breasts, which she had previously had surgery on.

“My breasts are jacked up, they’re saggy,” she explained. “The extra skin… my breasts are unhappy.”

Pollard admitted that she went through the surgery prior to appearing in I Love New York, and she visited a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to “go as big” as she could possibly go.

“I let him go super-huge on my cones,” Pollard declared. “[But] when I woke up, I was in so much pain and discomfort, and realised that it’s like, one t** is in Africa and the other one is in Europe.”

Going into more details about her pain, Pollard remarked, “This t** right here feels like a bowling ball. It’s tight, and it’s hard, but this one is really saggy and disgusting. I felt like I got cheated.”

Pollard also took this opportunity to explain why she originally had work done on her breasts, and it turns out that she was inspired by Dolly Parton. “When I saw that white chick come on your screen, you with her blonde hair, her tiny waist and her big t**s, I said that’s going to be me one day,” Pollard admitted.

You can watch Tiffany Pollard’s full interview regarding her mishandled breast operation on Botched below.

After being examined by the two doctors, Pollard was told by Dubrow, “She’s going to need a lot of surgery.”

Dubrow also explained to Pollard during her original appointment the treatment that she will need in order for her implants to be altered. “The more I have to raise you, the greater the amount of tension around the implant, and the greater the amount of tension, the greater chance the scar will widen and the greater the risk. This is not an easy case,” he remarked.

The 33-year-old reality television personality and actress previously appeared on the Flavor of Love and I Love New York television series, and during her appearance on the latter, she starred alongside rapper Flavor Flav, who she dated for the first two seasons of the show.

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