Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa Not Back Together: Working On Friendship, Although Rapper Wants An Open Relationship

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa aren’t getting back together. In fact, the rapper rejected the model’s advances. Amber and Wiz looked like they were getting back together, since they shared in revealing Instagram posts that they miss each other. An alleged source told Hollywood Life that Wiz has rejected her hopes of getting back together, since all he wants is an open relationship.

“The reason Amber is saying that she and Wiz are just friends is because he rejected her. Amber made a move to get back together and Wiz appreciated that. They definitely have been hooking up and Amber says it’s the absolute best sex of her life. Unfortunately, Wiz says that’s all he wants right now.”

Another report is saying that the reason Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa aren’t getting back together is because of the rapper’s desire to have an open relationship. The two have been spotted looking like a family during the Easter weekend. Amber and Wiz were seen taking their son, Sebastian, to a celebration, according to the news source. Another insider said that the rapper only wants his ex-wife for sex and is still hurt by the fact that Amber made their split so difficult, especially for their child.

“He’s still wary of being in a full committed relationship with Amber. And part of him is still angry about her making things difficult in their child custody mediation. He told her he doesn’t want to be exclusive with her right now and that broke Amber’s heart.”

Amber Rose was asked by Entertainment Tonight’s Nischelle Turner if she wants to get back with her husband. She didn’t show any signs that she wanted to get back with him. Instead, Amber rose said she would rather work on building their friendship and focus on their son.

”I don’t know. I think we’re just working on our friendship right now and co-parenting for Sebastian.”

However, she did reveal her true feelings for Wiz.

“I love him. We have a baby together. He’s always my family, no matter what.”

Amber Rose revealed all about her parenting life and dating life with E! News on Tuesday, April 14. The model and actress says she’s in no rush to date anytime soon. Rose told Marc Malkin, “I just want to focus on my kid and work.” She even had more to say about her son, Sebastian, who turned two in February.

“He’s big and he’s talking! He knows everything. He’s so smart. He has full conversations. It will blow your mind.”

Amber also talked about her nearly nude photos, which always light up Instagram. She says that she doesn’t plan the sexy shots, they just naturally happen.

“It just has to be organic. I don’t plan those things. It just happens.”

Amber Rose would rather focus on her son and booty selfies rather than date around. What are your thoughts on her relationship with Wiz Khalifa? Do you think they’ll get back together someday?

[Image: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]