‘The Lion King’: Little Girl Cries Watching Mufasa Die [Video]

A little girl was watching The Lion King, when she saw Mufasa get killed for the first time — and it was heartbreaking. According to Uproxx Movies, a father took a video of his daughter as she got emotional watching Simba mourn the loss of his dad in the Disney classic.

According to Daily Mail, the man posted the video on Facebook where it received over 4 million views since Saturday.

“Are you sad? Mufasa died? You want a hug?” the girl’s father asks. She shakes her head, and tries to hold back her tears. She eventually walks over to him, unable to fight her emotions any longer.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, everyone knows what part of the movie made this little girl cry — and almost everyone who has seen the film has been there. Did you (or your kids) have a similar reaction to the little girl in the video?

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]