‘The Bachelor: Women Tell All Special’ Gives Courtney Robertson A Chance to Apologize [Video]

Ben Flajnik has rejected plenty of women during this season of “The Bachelor,” and tonight, he’ll have to face them all. Some of the women may feel a little slighted by Flajnik, but Courtney Robertson will receive most of criticism tonight on the The Bachelor Women Tell All Special.

Robertson has been called the ‘worst villain in bachelor history’ by the other women on the show and has been accused of playing “The Bachelor” purely for fame and not for love. Robertson will try to make amends with the rest of the cast tonight but it doesn’t go over too well. (See a preview of The Bachelor Women Tell All Special below.)

The clip shows the Bachelorettes criticizing Courtney for how she has acted during this season. (She’s trashed talked the other women, went topless for no apparent reason, lured Ben to go skinny-dipping with her, etc…) Courtney will apologize to the cast tonight for her actions but most of the other Bachelorettes think that Robertson’s change of heart is just part of her strategy to win Ben’s heart.

Nicki said:

“If she was consistently as horrible as she was up until the last episode, okay, then you’re doing what you have to do to win. But when she flipped and all of a sudden had a change of heart and realized, ‘Oh, it’s down to the final few and my chances of winning this might be hindered by the fact of how horribly I’ve treated people’ and now she feels bad? I don’t buy that for a second!”

Here’s a clip of “The Bachelor: Women Tell All Special.”

Courtney will go up against Lindzi next week during “The Bachelor” finale.

Who do you think will win “The Bachelor?”