Elizabeth Olsen Explains Why She Avoids Social Media

At one time or another, every one of us feels like social media gets too intrusive, but Elizabeth Olsen feels that way more often than not. In fact, Ms. Olsen is so adamant about not letting social media intrude upon her personal life that she doesn’t use them. No Facebook. No Twitter. No Instagram.

“I don’t [use] social media, and I feel like that’s how people control their image. My image, in my mind, is just to disappear. I just want people to see the work that I’m proud of,” Olsen said. “I feel like you let people touch you when you have Instagram or Twitter, and I don’t want to be touched all the time. I’m not going to do it—ever.”

Ms. Olsen feels that social media has the added disadvantage of putting her entire generation under a microscope. Elizabeth says that her generation is not the horde of slackers that society deems them to be based on a few Facebook and Twitter posts.

Elizabeth doesn’t stop with social media, either. Even her career is ruled by what Ms. Olsen feels is appropriate for her to contribute to society. For instance, Elizabeth won’t take on roles that promote gratuitous violence. But wait! What about Godzilla and Avengers: Age of Ultron?

“Superhero movies are about destroying robots not people so that doesn’t count. Besides, all the heroes—especially in Marvel comics—are about heralding the underdog or the outsider.”

Speaking about her career, Elizabeth responded to feminism in Hollywood with sincerity, expressing the confusion that exists between the varying definitions of that one issue. Going back to Ms. Olsen’s comments about her generation being more than the sum of their social media posts, Elizabeth expresses the importance of equality, particularly for women of her own generation.

“Of course, women should have equal pay. I care about being equal to anyone else. [The word equality] is a very important part of the history of women’s rights.”

Ms. Olsen confessed that, if she did have a social media account, the only thing hackers could claim would be videos of her lip-syncing in her car. Apparently, Elizabeth Olsen is quite adept at creating these videos.

“I send [the videos] to others — there’s a group of maybe 12 people, and everyone gets one. And it’s been going on for a couple years. It’s a whole other skill.”

Following her Avengers: Age of Ultron role, Elizabeth Olsen’s next project will be starring opposite Tom Hiddleston in the Hank Williams biopic, I Saw The Light.

[Image from Charley Gallay/Getty Images]