Chris Brown Got Some Cold Shoulder From Karrueche During Coachella

Things get hot at Coachella, but for Chris Brown things were a little tepid at best. The “Loyal” singer may have put on a good show that pleased the crowd, but behind-the-scenes he was dealing with his separation from estranged girlfriend Karrueche Tran. The International Business Times reports that the two ran into one another during a party at the popular music festival, but Kae was serving up nothing but could shoulder for her ex.

When Karrueche publicly dumped her troubled boyfriend on Twitter, she must have meant it. Not even the charm of Coachella could bring her back into Brown’s arms, which was noticed by pretty much every media source covering the event. It’s big news now that Kae completely blew off the singer, especially since their history has always shown her going right back to him and time again.

The Sun Daily reports that Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown did in fact notice one another, but it was an awkward event that was noticeable to pretty much everyone. A source who reportedly witnessed it spoke to the media.

“It was a very awkward situation. Karrueche wouldn’t even look at Chris at the party. She was dancing with her pal Christina Milian, only yards away from him, showing exactly what he was missing out on. Karrueche looked really great, and she knew she would push Chris’ buttons by doing this. It was almost like she was dancing for him, but not even acknowledging he was there.”

Karrueche was supposedly “parading herself around” on the dance floor, while Brown sat at a table in plain view at the same party. He reportedly glanced at her at least once, and was fuming in silence as she completely blew him off. Apparently he wasn’t very happy that she’d decided to not even say hello to him, but what does he expect?

Karrueche dumped Chris on Twitter after she found out that he’d been keeping his paternity to a 10-month-old infant secret from her. She found out about his secret daughter, named Royalty, the same way everybody else did. She learned through the media. Chris Brown has reportedly bombarded her with phone calls ever since their high profile breakup, but she continues to ignore him as she puts on a brave public front as a newly single woman.

Do you think Karrueche should have said hello to Chris at Coachella, or is he out of his mind for expecting anything less than the cold shoulder she served him?

[Photo: OK Magazine/Karrueche Tran at Coachella]