Underage College Student Caught Drinking Avoids Arrest By Beating Cops At Rock, Paper, Scissors [Video]

An unidentified young woman was stopped by police at the Texas-based country music festival Chilifest for underage drinking. However, instead of arresting the student, officers challenged the girl to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The stakes were high, with officers stating if she won she would avoid any sort of punishment. However, if she lost, she could face arrest or a citation.

In the video uploaded to Vine by user OldRow, we see a young girl playing Rock, Paper, Scissors against local police in an attempt to avoid arrest for underage drinking. The girl has a determined look on her face as she throws a rock, beating the police and avoiding arrest. The crowd can be heard erupting into cheers as the girl can be seen with an extreme look of relief on her face.

The Daily Mail reports that the girl was at the popular Texas country music festival called Chilifest when the incident occurred. The girl, who apparently had been drinking underage, was challenged to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors in a bid to avoid arrest. Luckily for the girl, she won and walked away without any form of punishment.

The Vine has been viewed over 539,000 times since upload with an additional gif of the incident featured on Reddit. Redditors say the girl is lucky because the police at the Texas A&M Chilifest are “notorious” for giving out public intoxication citations and ticketing minors.

“The police at Chilifest (Texas country music festival near College Station, TX) are notorious for giving tickets to minors.”

What do you think about the young woman’s Rock, Paper, Scissors win to avoid an underage drinking citation?