Dennis Quaid Meltdown: Actor's Meltdown On Set Caught On Video

Amanda Lynne

Dennis Quaid's meltdown, which was recently caught on video, is going viral. The actor was reportedly on set when he saw a few things he didn't appreciate, and began lashing out on all those around him in a profanity filled rant that happened to be caught on video.

According to the Huffington Post, Quaid was allegedly set off by something off camera when someone began rolling video.

"I can't even get a line out until dopey the d**k starts whispering in your ear, you're not even watching anymore. No, don't f**king 'Dennis' me. I am doing my job here. This is the most unprofessional set I have ever been on."
"It feels scripted to me, but so does every viral video since [Jimmy] Kimmel started doing his schtick. It's really messing with my mind."

In the past, Dennis has showed he's got some comedic chops and has even teamed up with Ellen DeGeneres to play a prank on an unsuspecting fan. Since he is an actor, this could definitely be a hoax of some kind, but only time will really tell if the Dennis is a menace, or a jokester.

Meanwhile, video rants seem to run in the Quaid family. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Dennis' brother, Randy Quaid, has made headlines multiple times over recent years for his erratic behavior, and recently has been releasing YouTube video rants with his wife, Evie, that have frightened and disturbed some viewers.

Is Dennis going the way of the his angry outspoken brother, Randy, or will fans be relieved to find out he was only pulling an elaborate prank on his supporters? If it's not a prank, he'll have some serious explaining and apologizing to do.

[Photo By: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]