Memphis Teen Mob Attack Caught On Gas Station Surveillance Video

A violent mob of Memphis teens beat a man outside of a gas station in a brutal attack captured on surveillance cameras, WREG (Memphis) is reporting.

Oreden Williams, 35, was inside the gas station’s store when another customer, identified as Mary Fuller, noticed that a mob of rowdy teenagers had congregated outside. Ms. Fuller was afraid to walk through the mob of teens to get back to her vehicle. Williams vowed to get her safely back to her car.

“Oh yeah. I was freaked out. As I was going out the door [Williams] walked out and hollered at them and asked them to be quiet and get off of the parking lot. As we get to the car, they are in the parking lot throwing up gang signs and putting up a ruckus.”

Williams tells WMC (Memphis) that he attempted to get the fellow customer through the teen mob and safely to her car.

“I put my arms around her, told her it would be OK, and walked her out of the store.”

Unfortunately for Williams, it was not OK. No sooner had he gotten outside than the mob of teenagers swarmed him, beating him and his car with their fists, while his four-month-old baby was in the car, inches away.

“This was a terrorist act. This is a civilized society. We have no place for this.”

Ill-behaved teens have been menacing Memphis with vicious, unprovoked mob attacks for some time now. In October of last year, a similar Memphis teen mob attack took place in a Kroger store, where a mob of youths severely beat an employee and an elderly man in an unprovoked attack, according to this Inquisitr report. One of the youths involved in the attack described it as “fun.”

Memphis police have stepped up their presence around the gas station where the teen mob assault took place.

[Image courtesy of: Shutterstock/Kuzma]