Apple Watch Sapphire Displays Survives a Severe Scratch Test

Apple Watch, due for release April, 24, has been a buzzword in Apple community for quite a while. And although a great deal of attention was paid to its possibilities and limitations, we have heard relatively little about how durable the new device is going to be. However, it was only a matter of time for somebody to rectify this omission. UK-based electronics repair site IPhonefixed which, as is seen from the name, specializes in iPhones, has obtained one of the displays that are going to be used in Apple Watch and subjected it to a severe scratch test.

Now, if you haven’t heard it already, this display is one of the selling points of the device – it is made of sapphire glass (synthetic sapphire) which is supposed to be extremely durable. And the tests carried out by iPhoneFixed make one believe this statement. According to 9to5Mac, the display emerged unscathed out of everything testers threw its way:

“After taking everything from sandpaper to a hammer and even a power drill to the cover, iPhonefixed’s testers were unable to put so much as a scratch on the sapphire surface. Overall it looks like the watch will be pretty durable. It certainly looks like Apple has had better luck in its efforts with sapphire for this device than it did for the iPhone 6. The Apple Watch will likely be able to stand up to whatever potentially damaging situations it finds itself up against.”

However, when it comes to the device itself, the prospects are not that alluring. The new Apple’s gadget has all the chances to become the new Google Glass: an overhyped device that was marketed as a life-changing invention but failed to impressed potential users. According to The Inquisitr, the reviews so far are pretty mixed: the new wearable is generally described as an interesting and handy, but not a terribly essential and innovative gadget.

“Los Angeles industry analyst Paul Mueller says the excitement is there, but not at “Apple” levels. “When the iPhone and iPad came out, people were suspicious whether they were revolutionary. This is not the case with the Apple Watch. You have some excitement, but it feels canned. There is no way this thing will last in the marketplace,” Mueller claims.”

Well, at least the future owners of Apple Watch may be sure about one thing: if they ever get cross at their new device, they will have a really hard time smashing it.