EPA Issues A Moratorium On Neonicotinoids Found To Kill Both Birds And Bees

Over the past six months, the green and organic communities have been keeping up on the latest happenings pertaining to a new pesticide being used on crops. The Inquisitr has kept up on such news which includes the initiation of the pesticide which are known as neonicotinoids. After further study, it was found that said neonicotinoids threaten the existence of honeybees. As a result, companies that used neonicotinoids — including Lowe’s — have phased out its use. Let’s not leave out the fact they have been linked to brain damage among people too.

Nevertheless, neonicotinoids have gone through major overhauls in their usage since its initiation. As a matter of fact, there are ramifications that certain companies have to pay if they are caught using them. Now the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stepped in and placed a moratorium on neonicotinoids.

According to RT, the EPA initiated the moratorium — a restriction on the use of neonicotinoids — to further assess the risks they have on the bee populations. From what was studied, the new class of pesticides (or insecticides) affect the central nervous system of insects resulting in paralysis and death. However, it was also discovered that neonicotinoids have adverse chronic effects on honeybees, birds, butterflies, and other pollinator species which are important, not only for the regrowth of greenery, but to maintain the food supply. It is estimated that one-third of the food supply would diminish if the bee populations were to go extinct.

The aforementioned details of the moratorium were officially announced to The Hill, when the EPA gave the following statement.

“EPA believes that until the data on pollinator health have been received and appropriate risk assessments completed, it is unlikely to be in a position to determine that such uses would avoid unreasonable adverse effects on the environment.”

To ensure the assessment is given a thorough examining, the EPA sent letters out to companies that have applied for permits to use neonicotinoids. They informed that the moratorium stands until all factors have been assessed and studied to brand if neonicotinoids are or are not responsible for the declining bee populations.

No matter what the EPA finds, it is evident that Americans believe neonicotinoids are to blame. More than 4 million Americans have signed petitions urging the Obama Administration to take action against the new pesticides. Among the petitioners was The Center for Biological Diversity, a group known for suing the EPA several times over pesticide laws.

As of now, the moratorium is still active and there hasn’t been any news pertaining to what the EPA has decided to say about neonicotinoids. The Inquisitr will report on any changes pertaining to the moratorium or what the EPA has decreed once information is available.

[Image via Matt Cardy/Getty]