More iOS 8.3 Problems: Breaks Apps, Blocks Access To App Data, Kills iOS 8.2 Jailbreak

More iOS 8.3 problems have surfaced and, according to MacRumors, the update breaks file management utilities and blocks them from accessing app data. Quite a bit more serious than the problems reported by the Inquisitr Saturday, the iOS 8.3 update also breaks iPhone, iPad, and iPod jailbreaks from iOS 8.2 and older, according to GottaBeMobile.

The security fixes included in the iOS 8.3 update are to blame for blocking access to app data, and for plugging security holes used by developers who create jailbreak utilities. That no jailbreak is available for iOS 8.3 yet compounds the issue, especially for Apple.

According to MacRumors, affected utilities include iFunBox, iExplorer, iTools, iBackupBot and PhoneView, though the update likely breaks all file management utilities available in the App Store.

Each of the now-broken file manager utilities offered various file sharing and management features ranging from app installation message archiving to complete device backup, and other functions.

The file management utilities used to allow users to access their iPhone, iPad, and iTouch device data from Windows and OSX desktops but the 39 iOS 8.3 security fixes included in the update blocks app data access so the functions don’t work.

iOS 8.3 Breaks iFunbox - Connection Failed

According to iExplorer, the update “blocked access to the Apps directory for most apps downloaded from the App Store.”

iFunBox issued a statement when it first noticed the change in security noting the developer’s frustration with Apple’s move to cut off all file management apps, saying “OS 8.3 ruined our freedom of controlling data in our installed Apps and Games.”

The statement went on to say that the change caused a compete loss of “control of Apps on our own devices.” iFunBox promised to investigate.


According to iClarified, iFunBox found a workaround for the problem, and implemented it in its most recent update, V. 2.95. Since the developer cannot force other app developers to use it, iFunBox posted the fix on Facebook along with an update explaining how the workaround works.

“We just figured out a solution to bring the sandbox access back **for those Apps that willing to**. Now sandbox access will only be available for Apps having “UIFileSharingEnabled” key set to true in their info.plist [ iPhoneOSKeys.html ] and the access is restricted to /Documents directory only.”

According to LifeHacker, what that means is that the workaround only works if iTunes File Sharing is enabled on the device. iFunBox also notes that even with the workaround, the only way users can access their data fully is by using a jailbroken device.

At this point, if the other file management apps don’t issue updates utilizing the workaround, or if Apple permanently doesn’t allow the apps to access the data, a jailbreak will be the only option.

Because iOS 8.3 jailbreak doesn’t exist yet, this would mean downgrading to 8.2. That is the last OS with a working jailbreak, known as the TaiG jailbreak, according to International Business Times. Alternatively, users could choose to say goodbye to app data until further notice, but it is unlikely anyone would.

Do you own an Apple device? Use one of the affected utilities? What will you do – downgrade or say goodbye to your data?

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