Homeowner Takes Samurai Sword to Gun Toting Burglars, You Won’t Believe Who Won

Warning: This post contains graphic photos that some may find disturbing.

You have probably heard the saying, “never bring a knife to a gun fight.” However, 49-year-old Dias Costa of Cordoba, Argentina proves that may not always be the best advice. Costa, who much like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Leonardo, prefers to protect his own with his handy Katana blade. The sword-wielding Costa was able to inflict serious injuries on the intruders before they fled in fear from the new age Samurai’s home.

According to the Daily Mail, Costa and his wife were asleep when they heard the intruders around 3:30 a.m. Although the four robbers were carrying pistols, that didn’t stop Costa from inflicting serious harm on the men with his Japanese samurai sword. Costa took advantage of a brief moment when the intruders had turned away to grab his Samurai sword and begin hacking away at the unsuspecting men. Costa sliced away at the men’s faces, arms, necks, and bodies. The burglars fled the home in fear while dripping with blood.

“In a moment when the attackers were not paying attention, the house owner took a samurai sword and defended himself, injuring the attackers and making them run away.”

Startling photos of the burglars getaway car shows the extent of the injuries the intruders sustained from the blade-wielding homeowner. The vehicle was covered in blood as the burglars attempted to make their escape.

Con una espada samurai se defendió e hirió a ladrones http://t.co/1mi4tGjdU2 ¿no han sacado esta historia argentina en el gráfico/metro? :O

— Gustavo Cantero (@cantero_gustavo) April 14, 2015

As the Mendoza Post notes, the four men were apprehended by the police as they fled the scene in the bloody vehicle. The driver was bleeding heavily from his wounds sustained by the Samurai sword; therefore, he was unable to maintain control of the vehicle. Immediately following the crash, three of the four suspects were taken by police to a local hospital for emergency treatment. The fourth suspect hid nearby, but was later arrested after he was forced to go to a local hospital for treatment of his severe sword wounds.

Prosecutor Jorgelina Guties says that the Costa family has fled their home for fear of a retaliation attack. He also notes that Costa has not been officially questioned in the case, as he is still in a “state of shock.”

Sadly, not all Samurai sword owners use their blades for good. One Samurai sword-wielding man slashed a sheriff deputy with his blade, sending him to the hospital.

[Image Credit: Getty Images]