‘Celebrity Deathmatch’ Reboot Coming To MTV2?

A Celebrity Deathmatch reboot could be on its way to MTV2, bringing back the ridiculous claymation fights that pitted famous people against one another. Some match-ups included Ozzy Osbourne against Elton John, and Marilyn Manson sabotaging a fight between two pop groups, and the new series could be right back to their original shenanigans.

The channel, which used to be about music (Music Television) and music videos, has evolved quite a bit in the past decades. Where we used to have Hootie and the Blowfish videos showing up five times a day, we now have general celebrity news and reality TV.

What the original Celebrity Deathmatch did was take famous celebrities and make them fight using claymation replicas and commentary by its fictional hosts Nick Diamond and Johnny Gomez. It unabashedly turned each brawl into a gore-fest, which made it past the censors, likely due to its use of clay instead of digitized blood.

This is the second Celebrity Deathmatch reboot we will have seen, since MTV2 tried to resurrect the show before in 2005 for two more seasons.

The biggest drawback that the revival of the series might face is how eager some celebrities might be to sue for defamation. After Tom Cruise got an episode of South Park taken off the air for its portrayal of Scientology, and Lindsay Lohan sued Rockstar for using her likeness in Grand Theft Auto 5, it seems likely that some tabloid fodder will be off limits.

MTV2 has ordered a pilot episode already, according to Time, which claims the show will be “reimagined for a social media world.”

Does this mean we’ll see another face-off between a retired Bill Gates and a resurrected Steve Jobs as the Android logo comes along and kills them both?

It is unknown yet how the Celebrity Deathmatch reboot will handle its brawls and the possibility of defamation lawsuits. MTV2, as well as creator Eric Fogel and executive producers Chris McCarthy and Paul Ricci, seem to be ready to walk that thin line for one more series.

[Image via Fanpop]