Police Hunt: Boys Drench 12-Year-Old In Highly-Flammable WD-40 And Threaten To Light Him On Fire

In what appears to be an unprovoked attack, two boys allegedly drenched a 12-year-old in WD-40 and were about to set him on fire. The incident was reportedly stopped by a woman passerby with her companion, and police are searching for the suspects.

The two boys allegedly approached a 12-year-old student on Easter Sunday as he was walking in the Newbury, Berkshire subway. According to reports, the little boy was minding his own business when the other two boys instigated the altercation.

There has been no official word if any verbal threats were made. However, it is alleged the boys intended to set the 12-year-old aflame. According to Daily Mail Online, after dousing him with a highly-flammable liquid called WD-40, they pulled out a lighter and were on the verge of committing the heinous act in broad daylight.

Police authorities mention two witnesses, a woman and her partner, who may have stopped the incident from being carried out to a gruesome conclusion. Police are requesting that these two individuals come forward to confirm the description of the two suspects. For now, the only description police have is the one based on news reports.

“Police said the first offender is described as short and slim with brown hair. He was wearing a grey zip-up hooded top and blue chinos. The second is described as being stocky, about 5ft 4ins, with dark brown hair which was brushed flat. He was wearing a grey jacket, brown T-shirt and grey tracksuit bottoms.”

The police department responsible for the case is the Thames Valley Police, and Colin Fearn is the lead investigative officer. He offers his own words about the matter.

“This was an unprovoked attack on a young boy during the Easter holidays. We are carrying out an extensive investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice but need the help of the public.”

“I would ask anyone who witnessed the incident, anyone who recognises the description of the offenders or has any information to call police on 101. I am particularly interested in speaking to a woman and her partner, who we believe were with their children, who may have witnessed the incident and spoke to the offenders.”

[Photo by Felippe Seifert / Flickr]