Watch As Actor Pays Amazing Tribute To Late Comedian And Actor Robin Williams

Academy Award-winning actor Robin Williams took his own life in 2014, causing the world to mourn for a star that many people grew up watching on the big and small screens. He could be funny, but go into a dramatic role just as easily. There are very few actors that could shift from comedy to drama as well as Robin Williams. So it was no surprise that we saw him in roles that were simply legendary.

From Mrs. Doubtfire, where he played a man disguised an old woman just to get close to his children, to a professor giving us memorable lines in Good Will Hunting, Williams could literally do it all. The world lost more than an actor, we lost a friend. Filmmaker, actor and Vine star Jamie Costa decided to play tribute to Williams by putting together a video where he played spot on characters from Williams’ movies over the years.

The video is entitled, “Never had a friend like him.”

Not only did Costa just give us a spot on look of all the characters Robin Williams portrayed, but the impressions he did with them were absolutely amazing.

Costa claimed the video was a “tribute to the man who’s spark ignited my passion.”

Williams took his own life back in August of 2014. While he never showed the world, but it was said he had battled depression for many years. It seemed crazy to think that a man who was brilliant in so many ways who was loved by all could possibly be depressed. However, depression does not hit us all the same. Depression can hit anyone at any time.

Robin Williams proved how one can do a lot with depression; but in the end, he was unable to take it. The hope is that through his death, people will seek help with their own depression. Robin Williams entertained us and taught us lessons whether he was on television or on a movie screen. However, even in death his life can be an example to us all.

The one thing that we will all still have left of Robin Williams is his movies. Whether we watch him play the Genie in Aladdin or a crazy radio host who wants to make a difference in Good Morning Vietnam, he will always be remember. Jamie Costa took us on an adventure through that, and not only was it spot on….but it was a touching tribute to a man who gave us so much of himself. Check out the video to see the terrific Williams’ impressions below.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]