Kylie Jenner Says No To Drugs As She Parties At Coachella With Sister Kendall

It looks like a new rumor is following Kylie Jenner around. The 17-year-old has been accused of abusing drugs. Some of Kylie’s fans think that she either acts high or a little too hyper in her Vine clips. Kylie has said that she’s not on any sort of drugs in her videos.

The youngest Jenner shared a video of herself saying that her clips have nothing to do with drug abuse. She’s often seen making weird faces or acting bizarre on her Vine clips.

“First of all, everyone thinks I do drugs on all my Vines – I’m just weird.”

This isn’t the first time that Kylie has slammed the drug use allegations. Now Magazine reported that back in June she shared a Vine video slamming the drug rumors.

“People think we on drugs ’cause we happy,’ but you don’t even really know me.'”

Jenner has also received her share of controversy for her weird and overtly sexual Snapchat videos. The teen recently shared a video of herself sliding her hand down her sister Kendall’s shorts. Jenner has also been sharing her Snapchat story, which includes a series of sexual references in her photos and videos.

Kylie Jenner’s strange videos hasn’t stopped her fans from thinking she’s taking some sort of illegal substance. Some of have taken to Twitter to reveal their thoughts and to accuse the famous teen.

“Kylie Jenner doesn’t make sense to me because she looks like she does a lot of drugs but I don’t think she actually does.”

“Can we just acknowledge that Kylie Jenner is absolutely on drugs? #Thx”

“Kylie Jenner must be on drugs or something, what a hot mess express she is right now.”

Some fans are even comparing the youngest Jenner sister to Amanda Bynes.


“Kylie Jenner is the next Amanda Bynes. I’m calling it now.”

“Kylie Jenner is becoming more and more reminiscent of Amanda Bynes’ worst days.”

“Everyone is creaming themselves over Kylie Jenner’s new turquoise hair/wig. IMO she looks like Amanda Bynes in the middle of her breakdown.”

Kylie has been busy enjoying her weekend at Coachella with older sister Kendall Jenner and their pal Hailey Baldwin. She took a series of selfies to show off her new turquoise blue hair – or wig. Whatever it is. Kylie has also been hiding her new hair color under a baseball cap all weekend.

Jenner shared a sexy cleavage-filled selfie of herself with the caption: “Baby.” It’s unclear what the caption means. Maybe Jenner just like the way she looks in the photo.


Kylie was also seen grinding on Hailey during the music festival, as noted by The Mirror. She wasn’t the only Jenner sister dancing. Kendall showed off her dancing skills later in the day. Kylie was nowhere to be seen during that dance party though. What are thoughts on the drug rumors following Kylie Jenner? Do you think she has abused drugs?

[Image: Kylie Jenner via Instagram]